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It is totally unfair that hair salons and barbers shops have been allowed to reopen, but mobile hairdressers are only allowed to visit clients that are housebound.

After the announcement on Friday 12th March from the first minister for Wales Mark Drakeford, that hairdressers were going to be allowed to reopen on Monday 15th March. The excitement of clients of mobile hair stylists, soon turned to disappointment when he later added "where the client physically cannot leave the home".

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Surely it is much safer for clients to have one hairdresser in PPE visit their home, than to have to go to a salon with numerous hairdressers and numerous others clients around them.

This action could potentially drive loyal clients to go to a salon to get their hair done, meaning that mobile stylists lose even more money than they have already lost this year.

I petition the Welsh Government to change their minds and allow mobile hairdressers in Wales back to work now.

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