Closed petition Implement a 20MPH speed limit 100 metres either side of the new pedestrian crossing in Glan Conwy

Thanks to the Minister for Transport, Glan Conwy now has a much needed pedestrian crossing and recent road improvements have increased visibility, however, many residents are concerned about the speed of vehicles which over a 2 week period were recorded by North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent (NMWTA) averaging 32.8 MPH. The crossing is used by school children and adults to reach a bus stop and local sporting facilities as well as part of a cycle route. There have been many media reports of near misses and vehicles failing to stop.

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A particular worry is that children might believe they are safe and step or run out on to the crossing without looking. The busy summer tourist season will increase the peril as visitors will be unfamiliar with the road as well as possibly being distracted admiring local scenery.

In conclusion the petitioners wish to make the case that 30MPH is too fast for the prevailing road conditions and request that the Minster considers lowering the speed limit to 20MPH in proximity to the crossing.

Collision with a pedestrian at 30MPH has a 25% chance of a fatality and 2.5% at 20MPH or 10 times safer!

A 200 metre length at 20MPH would only add a few seconds to a traveller's journey time whilst dramatically improving safety and importantly help remove parents' anxieties.

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