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Petition Resume rail services from all closed railway stations

Since July 7th 2020, multiple railway stations around Wales have been "temporarily closed". It has been over 8 months since the closure and evidence is to be seen that the rail industry and local economy is suffering because of the decision. I hope that services will be restored shortly after the easing of lockdown measures in Wales. Rail travel is safer than bus travel - there is more room for social distancing as well as facilities to wash hands.

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Valley, Llanfairpwll, Conwy, Cilfach Fargoed and Sugar Loaf stations have been closed since 7th July 2020, due to only local doors available to open, requiring the guard to operate them. There are multiple ways to open doors without the guard being present:
- Isolate cab end doors throughout the journey, ensuring only gangway end doors can be released.
- Operate Class 153 services between intercity services to pick-up passengers at request stops, such as a 2 hourly service between Holyhead and Llandudno Junction.
- Have the guard to open the doors, then travel to another area to ensure social distancing is practiced.

Ensuring that the rail services are resumed from these stations can support people's exercises, reduce the chance of the local economy from collapsing, and reducing the amount of passengers travelling on buses which is already fragile in North West Wales.

Travelling from these stations was possible during the first lockdown, why not now?

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