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Lydstep Flats on the Gabalfa Estate were built in 1959. The high rise buildings, now over 60 years old have became dilapidated and ruined with damp and structural unstableness. The cladding of the three tower blocks was removed some two-years back due to safety issues which were raised after the devastating incident at Grenfell Towers, in London.

The removal of the cladding exposed the true poor state of the buildings. The damp and mold inside the properties is overwhelming.

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The cost to put these buildings back into a good and safe condition is going to cost a substantial amount of money and time. Even then, the problems will keep reoccurring. I believe now is a good time to say farewell to the old corroding buildings to make way for the new. The three tower blocks cover a great area which would be an absolute perfect location for new houses and flats to be built upon. I strongly believe it’s the right thing to do. Many residents live in extremely poor conditions inside these flats, myself included. Let’s improve Lydstep, let’s improve quality of life for the residents and let’s improve Gabalfa Estate.

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