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Petition Open aquatic facilities and swimming pools in Wales earlier than the published Welsh Government date

Swim Wales recorded 500,000 people accessing swimming pools every week for a wide range of aquatic activity across Wales pre COVID. Learn to swim lessons, School Swimming (drowning prevention) Public Health & Fitness Swimming, Club Swimming, Competitions, Galas and Events not to mention Wales National Squad preparation for the 2021 Olympics and 2022 Commonwealth Games.

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Swimming pools have been closed in Wales across 2 national lockdowns and one national firebreak, this equates to 43 weeks of the last 52 weeks. There are huge implications on for the Welsh public in terms of physical and mental health.

A recent Swim Wales survey shows 3.8 Million lost Swimming Lessons, 1.2 Million lost Club Swimming Sessions and over 15 Million lost Public Swim Sessions already this year.

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