Petition Increase funding available for Women’s Health Services, Education and Awareness

Increase funding available for primary and secondary care relating to women’s health issues, as well as research, education and public awareness.

Examples of issues include:
Perinatal issues, birth injuries, prolapse, fibroids, endometrioses, menopause related, period related, and the impact on mental health that couples these issues.

Areas which could benefit (examples, not limited to): Midwifery, GPs, Gynaecology, Women’s Health Physiotherapy, Mental health services (eg counselling)

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The number of women who suffer from women’s health issues is significant. That said, a large proportion of these women suffer in silence.

Due to the lack of understanding, awareness and/or resource, many women's health issues go undiagnosed or mis-diagnosed, often resulting in the worsening of symptoms.

The detrimental impact on mental health is also understated and needs to be addressed.

There is a parallel issue that society and modern day cultures have normalised many women’s health issues, making women feel like their suffering is just a normal part of being a woman. This needs to be addressed and these issues really shouldn’t be seen as “normal”.

Funding is needed to improve and augment Women’s Health services, education and awareness to enable women to be seen, heard, understood and treated in a more timely manner

Funding is also needed to enable these issues to be addressed and discussed more widely in the public eye.

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