Petition Speed up the process for allowing and restarting small scale running events in Wales

It’s been well over a year since we last had regular running events for club athletes and novice runners in Wales. While events start to resume over the border in England, why should Welsh runners have to wait longer and travel so far just to participate in these events?

While Covid is still around and we must be careful, evidence shows that running outdoors poses a small chance of transmission of Covid-19.

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Running and participating in races is proven to boost the mental health of many people. This of course is also good for physical health such as the cardiovascular system and helps combat obesity and other health issues.

Many people have taken up running as a means of coping during the Covid pandemic, there is a huge demand for events to be encouraged and allowed again in a safe environment.

I’m calling on the Senedd the consider the many benefits and how many people are being deprived of such an important part of their lives.

If people are now deemed safe to sit in a pub or restaurant, then we should be able to start up small scale races in Wales.

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