Petition Ban disposable barbecues from our National Parks, National Nature Reserves and Welsh beaches!

Each year supermarkets and online stores promote the sale of thousands of cheap disposable barbeques which are then often used in a careless and irresponsible way leading to the destruction of important delicate wildlife habitats.

Only a total ban on these products will protect our precious Welsh wildlife.

We now realise the importance of our uplands and forests in storing carbon and protecting us from climate change. We also need to prevent marine pollution from damaging our Welsh seas.

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Enough is enough...... it’s time to ban disposable bbq’s from our Welsh beaches, National Parks and Nature Reserves. With the ecological emergency getting worse we cannot afford to ignore this issue.

These fires take long periods of time to bring under control and to extinguish completely, as with moor fires once a part of the fire has been extinguished the fire can travel under ground and reignite in a new location. They bring devastating effects to the local area, destroy wildlife, kill huge areas of natural beauty and not to mention our lives at risk, all of which is completely unnecessary and avoidable.

Many of our most beautiful beaches are trashed each summer with simmering bbq's literally inches below the sand surface, presenting a threat to both wildlife and vulnerable beach users...its time we protected our natural world instead of watching it burn!

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