Rejected petition Provide remuneration or bonuses to radiographers during the COVID 19 pandemic

Unfortunately, during the coronavirus pandemic, the personnel who maintain the x-ray room cubicles were most often exposed to coronavirus infection.
Medical personnel who are auxiliary, nurses, attendant categories confirm the fact that X-ray room physicians were most often exposed during the pandemic. The medical professional in most cases encounters patients with coronavirus infection while performing the survey, and neither the doctor nor the patient himself is aware that there is infection

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Please support, on behalf of management, the request for the U.S. Senate to include the medical staff of radiographers in the premium compensation system.
Additionally, we demand prompt consideration of premiums for nurses who worked concurrently with physicians and also exposed themselves to the potential risk of contracting coronavirus infection. Nevertheless, the national spirit of doctors and medical workers has not fallen, almost all of them remained at their workplaces and provide services to the population while undergoing X-rays in a box-room with high radiological control. We believe that the list of medical personnel for the Coronavirus Award should be expanded.

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The Welsh Government has announced a one-off bonus payment for NHS and social care staff to be paid in the 2021/22 financial year:

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