Rejected petition Allow trans people over 16 to self-identify without a deed poll

Trans people across Wales are disproportionately affected by poor mental health. This is partly because of the barriers in place stopping trans people from self-identifying and being misgendered or dead-named by services that they use, such as NHS medical records, employment records and/or their recorded name in the education sector. Many trans people may not be able to safely come out to their families, and therefore cannot acquire a deed poll. This desperately needs to change.

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Trans people deserve the right to change their name without a deed poll on all documents, including public records. Some trans people struggle to find witnesses to sign deed polls due to being negatively affected in social life due to transphobia in their communities. Trans people may also find it difficult to gather funds to pay for deed polls, as well as many other barriers preventing them from updating records. There should be no fees in place for changing your name and gender on documents (such as passports and driver's licences) and charging people to do this is just punishing trans people for changing their name.

Why was this petition rejected?

This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.

In light of information provided, which indicated that a deed poll should be required in order to change the name used by devolved public services, the petitioner withdrew the petition.

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