Petition To get a specialist mental health mother and baby unit in North Wales.

A mother and baby unit is needed in North Wales so that families don't have to travel to England and for this service to be available in the Welsh language. This is a essential mental health service needed for North Wales.

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In May 2019 after the birth of my son I was admitted to the mother and baby unit in Manchester. It was very difficult for me having to travel to England far away from my family and friends in North Wales. I especially found it hard with me being first language Welsh in a hospital in England. This mental health service is absolutely needed in North Wales, because I believe that my recovery would of been quicker if I was closer to home.
Having a baby is a life changing experience and some mothers find it harder than others and it is very common for women to have difficulties with their mental health at this time. With this in mind an admission to a mother and baby unit could happen to anyone and is a essential service that is needed for many families. So therefore having this service would mean a lot to me and my family.

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