Rejected petition Make it a legal requirement to replant a tree in the exact place of a felled tree with a TPO.

Our urban areas have become increasingly covered in concrete, and the trees left over are slowly disappearing one by one. These trees are hardly ever replaced, leaving empty, grey, lifeless streets for the next generation of homeowners. More protection is needed to prevent this urban desert from becoming a reality, and any tree that has to be cut down due to disease or other genuine factors should be replaced with a suitable similar tree regardless of how many other trees are in the street.

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Trees provide a huge service to not just our climate and wildlife, but also to us. The presence of trees creates little communities of wild animals, for example birds, whose song can improve the mood of a whole street. But trees also provide shade on hot summer days, cooling the street, and give a hint of green to an otherwise grey and brown landscape. I firmly believe that every street should have a number of trees, and everything should be done to safeguard any tree from needless death. Although situations can arise where a tree must come down; a replacement should always be planted. We all acknowledge the importance of trees, but not in a garden! Legislation is needed to maintain urban greenery and habitats. If Wales is to become more sustainable, trees that benefit the climate, wildlife, and all of an areas inhabitants must be protected, and promoted. I never see a new tree planted in an urban area, so it's time to bring the perks of trees to our streets, not just our countryside.

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