Rejected petition Make it compulsory for Welsh history and language to be taught in the Welsh education curriculum.

Recently the Welsh government made it compulsory for Black history to be taught in Welsh school, despite the fact that Welsh history and language are not compulsory in the curriculum.

It is vital that future generations of Welsh children learn the history and the unique culture of Wales, this would prevent further derogation of this country's proud history and traditions

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The Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Act 2021 was passed by the Senedd in March 2021. Teaching of the Welsh language is mandatory from age 3.

The Welsh Government has stated that both Welsh history and Black history will be contained within the ‘What Matters Code’ for Humanities, which will be part of the statutory guidance for the new Curriculum, and that therefore the teaching of both of these subjects will be compulsory.

The Government is currently consulting on a draft Statements of What Matters Code (until 16 July 2021), so you may wish to contribute your views through this process:

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