Petition New laws to protect rare red squirrels from habitat loss which causes population decline

It's illegal to kill or injure a red squirrel. Yet a forest containing them is not protected and can be cut down.

Although a felling licence is required to fell woodland, these licences cannot be refused even if they cause habitat loss and red squirrel population decline.

State owned forests do not require a licence but are managed under Plans which last 10 years or more. They don’t have to annually assess the cumulative impact of felling on red squirrel populations.

This must change.

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Rare red squirrels are threatened by outdated 1960s tree felling law:

Even in Welsh Government owned forests managed by Natural Resources Wales, the agency clear-fells habitat without assessing the impact on squirrel populations. On Anglesey, NRW has spent £0 in 10 years to monitor red squirrels. They have no idea of the effect of repeated tree felling on populations and are continuing to fell habitat regardless:

Welsh Government say tackling global deforestation is 'vital' to prevent 'decline of our biodiversity' yet their forest regulator destroys forest habitat here without assessing impact on red squirrels.

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