Petition Every NHS Hospital, including those in planning, must have a Well-being area for NHS employees

We've learned from the pandemic that NHS employee's mental health well-being should be the heartbeat of every hospital. During the biggest challenge, we burned out mentally and physically. We didn't have an area that could become our safe haven. I work on the frontline and after losing a patient to covid my colleagues and I were devastated. We didn't have an area where we could recover. It was straight back to work. Many of my colleagues are currently sick because of mental health issues.

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We have seen the benefit of a decent sized well-being room at University Hospital Wales. A comfortable, relaxed area that has counselling available. When new Hospitals are built, they should be built around staff wellbeing. Staff are under a huge amount of pressure to catch up with waiting times but we have to remember that NHS staff are patients too. Recently the Health and Social Care Committee and MP's warned that the NHS was on the brink of collapse due to staff burnout. We need to put strategies into place now that help the well-being of staff. If we experience a third wave or a feature pandemic these areas will be so important to NHS Employees.

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