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12 people under the age of 35 die suddenly every week in the UK, from a heart condition that could have been detected with a heart screening. 80% of these deaths show no prior symptoms.
Cardiac arrest has a 7% survival rate. Since making heart screenings compulsory in Italy for all sports players, sudden cardiac death has decreased by 89%.
Owen Morris, 13, died suddenly during rugby training in Cardiff from an undiagnosed heart condition that may have been picked up in a screening.

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1/300 heart screenings pick up a potentially life threatening issue which can then be managed or treated.

Owen Morris' story:

Chris Morse, 33, was immediately sent to hospital after a heart screening "It will take a matter of minutes and could undoubtedly save your life, as I am sure it did for me." Chris' story can be found here:

Ben McDonald, 25, suffered a fatal cardiac arrest at the Cardiff Half Marathon. Ben's mum, Ruth McDonald, wants people in Wales to have access to free heart screenings to help prevent sudden cardiac death.

Here at Calon Heart Screening Wales we have to charge for heart screenings. However, we want funding from the government to be able to provide free heart screenings for those aged 11-35 who take part in sport for their school, county or country. See more about our charity here:

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