Closed petition Repeal Coronavirus Regulations and end all Covid-19 restrictions

Abolish all Covid restrictions, restore civil liberties & social freedoms and increase focus on education, guidance, advice and best practices.
Allow freedom of choice in favour of mental health: Those who wish to isolate at home may do so freely; as may those who wish to return to normal life.

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The Country is in a very different place to March 2020, with significant:- 1) Coronavirus vaccinations 2) Scientific, Medical and Public knowledge, understanding and experience of the virus 3) Therapeutics 4) Treatment Protocols 5) Test Track & Trace 6) Mass Community Testing.

Public to take personal responsibility to manage their own risks and balance the risks proportionately with family, friends and social interactions as the public do as part of normal life.

Restore mental health and allow freedom of choice.

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