Petition Offer a Covid-19 vaccination to clinically vulnerable children.

The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination has been approved in the UK for use in children age 12-16. However, the vaccination isn't being offered to any children in that age bracket.

Children who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable are more at risk of hospitalisation and death from Covid-19 than the general child population.

We want the Welsh Government to offer the vaccine to Clinically Extremely Vulnerable children in that age group.

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Evidence suggests children neurodevelopmental disabilities are at serious risk of hospitalisation and death from Covid-19. These include those with cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome and severe learning disability.

In the whole population those with a learning disability had a higher rate of death from Covid-19 than the general population.

In March this year the charity, Contact carried out a survey of 3000 families, which found

86% of parents with disabled children have been offered a Covid-19 vaccine; 2 in 3 were offered as unpaid carers.
70% want their shielding or disabled children to have a Covid-19 vaccine when it has been licensed for use in children.
1 in 10 would like access to a Covid-19 vaccine unlicensed right now, but only 3 in every 200 parents that try have been successful in getting it unlicensed.

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