Completed petition Welsh government to meet with a wider audience of unpaid carers.

Please sign the petition and ask the Welsh Government to meet with a wider audience of unpaid carers and listen to our stories. We want the Welsh Government to meet regularly with carers outside of the carer organisations and committees. The aim of these meetings would be to give carers a voice, a chance to share their concerns and for the Welsh Government to hear the real stories of carers on the ground.
We deserve the right to have our voices heard. Unpaid carers have been ignored for too long and even more so during the pandemic. For example, the Welsh Government stated that they couldn't find any examples of services being stopped during the pandemic, but actual carers on the ground know that services were stopped and still haven't be restarted.
We’re asking that relevant Minister to meet with us so we can help shape future policies to ensure a better future for unpaid carers living in Wales.

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