Completed petition Welsh Government Ministers should save the trees, hedgerows and fields in Cefn Yr Hendy, Miskin

We urge the Welsh Government to stop their plans to sell the 49 acres of green fields they own in Miskin for 460 houses. We ask they do not sell the land for house building and to desist in their plans for the development. We urge Welsh Ministers to take heed of the Climate Emergency, to adhere to the principles of the Future Generations Act and withdraw plans for these fields. As no new school will be provided on the site, this will also cause increased traffic on the roads and pollution.

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The fields border Coed Yr Hendy (ancient woodland), the River Clun and the Pant Marsh which is a site of nature conservation. The fields have many trees that will be lost due to new road building for the new estate. Any house building will damage the hedgerows and saplings. A large number of birds, small mammals and insects make Coed Yr Hendy and the fields their home, birds and bats are always swooping over the fields to feed - we should not take this away from them. Building on these fields will have a disastrous outcome for local wildlife and the local ecological system.
In light of this country's declared Climate Emergency it is essential to retain existing hedgerows, trees and green spaces when you consider how they absorb and filter carbon dioxide, other air pollutants, they aid with rainwater drainage and help with reducing soil erosion. Continuing to leave these fields for sheep farming would bring immense benefits to our environment in Miskin and beyond.

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