Petition Ban the sale of ALL disposable BBQs in Wales

Fire & Rescue Services across many regions of Wales are wasting too much precious time dealing with the aftermath of these products not to mention the potential for injury to themselves, members of the public and wildlife if an incorrectly disposed BBQ causes a fire.
These portable foil products are cheap to buy making their use prolific in woodland, parks, picnic areas, beaches, dunes etc. where long grass, undergrowth, trees & other flammable natural sources will easily catch light.

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Investigation following serious wildfires has found the remains of discarded disposable BBQs at the scene. Inappropriate disposal on beaches where charcoal-filled trays may be just left or, even worse, buried in the sand can lead to a dangerously hot area which could be stepped on by people or animals causing significant burns. I would like to ask that these products be subject to an outright ban before the summer of 2022.
Some examples where inappropriate disposal has resulted in fire: July 2018, 2 yr old severely burnt, Caswell Bay; May 2020, 190 acres protected woodland destroyed & wildlife killed, Wareham Forest, Dorset; June 2020, fire on Great Orme, Llandudno; June 2021, fire in skip, Cardiff; June 2021, 3 separate fires in the Wrexham area; June 2021, man suffered horrific burns to foot, Barmouth beach. All of these incidents & potentially many more in the future could have been prevented had disposable BBQs not been used. Please introduce this ban before someone is killed.

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