Petition Welsh Government to hold a public inquiry into decisions taken by them before & during the pandemic.

Many loved-ones acquired Covid-19 in hospitals & care homes in Wales. PPE was lacking, staff not tested unless symptomatic, ventilation poor, Covid patients put on non-Covid wards. Many sent home without being retested; spreading infection in the community & subsequently dying. Many had DNRs placed without consultation. Communication was poor or non-existent. Lessons most definitely have not been learnt. Decisions taken in Wales which affected the people of Wales should be scrutinised in Wales.

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As the First Minister has clearly pointed out throughout the pandemic, decisions regarding the Covid-19 rules in Wales have been made in Wales. He has been keen to highlight the often-significant differences of those rules between England and Wales.
A Wales -specific inquiry would provide an independent review to investigate if deaths in Wales could have been prevented.
The Welsh Government deserve to be properly scrutinised - not a footnote in a UK Government inquiry.

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