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There are at least 27 children ages 11-12 that have been refused transport to their local comprehensive school. Some of these young children have medical illnesses like asthma, autism and at least 1 child has epilepsy and is expected to walk to school in all weather. These children have been separated from friends who have been able to get a bus pass, and there are only a limited number of children that have been left out. It's disgraceful .

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There is only a limited number of children that have been excluded from receiving a bus pass due to laws that were brought in by the Welsh government, a government that is supposed to put child welfare at the forefront. There are 16-year-old young adults getting a pass because they were in the school before this law was changed, so while they are mature enough to find alternative transport 11- and 12-year-old children are walking in appalling weather along dangerous roads. Education is compulsory in this country and so should transport be if the comprehensive is not in the village you live. We all pay taxes, including community payments and there should not have been cuts in education provision.
Children getting to school safely, securely and dry should be a must. It is sheer cruelty making young children walk 3 miles in all kinds of weather getting soaked and sitting all day long in lessons.

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