Rejected petition A Re-run of the Vote on Vaccine Passports in Wales.

The Senedd voted 28:27 in favour of vaccine passports in Wales. This was due to a technical error whereby not all votes that were trying to be cast were counted. We the people believe this to be a huge injustice and would have most likely been overturned had the vote not gone in the First Ministers favour. We demand that all votes on such a serious matter regarding the future of the Welsh public, should be made by EVERY Senedd member with no exception and is to be cast IN PERSON.

More details

Six members did not vote on the topic of The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No 5) (Wales) (Ammendment) (No 17) Regulations 2021. This was Item 7 held on the 05/10/2021. 2 Labour members, 2 Conservative members, 1 Plaid Cymru and the Presiding Officer, did not vote. The votes cast were conducted through a hybrid system whereby some votes cast were done remotely via Zoom. To pass the mandate despite technical error sets a dangerous precedent for future debates. Particularly as the discussion was based on segregation within the Welsh population based on medical choices that should be made freely and not at the deprivation of liberty.

Why was this petition rejected?

It asks the Senedd to do something that it is not able to do.

The vote to pass the resolution approving the draft Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 5) (Wales) (Amendment) (No. 17) Regulations 2021 was conducted in Plenary on 5 October in accordance with Standing Orders. The resolution passed and the Welsh Ministers proceeded to lawfully make the regulations the following day, with the provisions coming into force on Monday 11 October. As a result, it is not possible for the Senedd to take the action called for by your petition.

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