Completed petition Review the process for pre-assessed status for onshore turbines, which unfairly disadvantages individuals

The current system unfairly favours developers who have access to legal, planning and financial expertise. Individuals / communities don’t have the equivalent support and resources. Decisions regarding wind energy turbines can devastate livelihoods and communities. The process must change to ensure all those potentially affected are informed at the outset of initial discussions, and are provided with free professional planning and legal advice and supported to be able to influence decisions.

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We feel bullied and intimidated. We understand that developers have already been negotiating for months with landowners with the intention of installing 250-metre-high turbines 700 metres from our door. We had not been informed of this and have learnt about this via a neighbour asked to sign a noise agreement.
Neither the Community Councils, county councillors nor regional politicians, whom we have contacted, were aware of the pre-assessed status given to this area, therefore paving the way for turbines to be installed. The planning process in relation to ‘Pre-Assessed Areas for Wind Energy’ shown in Future Wales: The National Plan 2040 has removed local decision making from within the planning process, therefore losing an important understanding of the local landscape, economy, cultural, linguistic and personal impact on a local community. Our livelihood, a glamping business which we have worked hard to develop over two lifetimes would be decimated and this is already negatively affecting our well-being as a family.
Shabby treatment – play fair!

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