Rejected petition Make Welsh international rugby matches Category A status under the 1996 Broadcasting Act.

Welsh rugby is the heart of many areas in Wales that are unfortunately in poverty stricken areas. Allowing Amazon to put Wales international matches this autumn behind a paywall is totally unacceptable. Not having a free-to-air option will prevent many people from watching the sport that they love. I feel the Welsh Government should now step in an give it Category A status under the broadcasting Act to prevent it from being out of reach to thousands os Welsh people!

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As Plaid's Heledd Fychan has pointed out, We must not be priced out of our culture! This abhorrent step from Amazon and the WRU is a massive step in this worrying direction. TV Licencing is already an massive tax on the poor and it is only going to get worse with this.

For too long large corporations like Amazon have waltzed in and bid for deals that outweighs anything that others can put down and then pushes the working class out. To make it worse, they pay hardly ANY tax in this country so this revenue will not go to make the UK or Wales a better place at all!

This needs to stop NOW! Protecting international sport in Wales is vital for the ongoing enjoyment of the sport for many thousands of people every year!

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

Broadcasting is not devolved and therefore this issue is the responsibility of the UK Parliament.

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