Closed petition Ban the use of 'no pet clauses' in tenancy agreements in Wales

The number of people privately renting is increasing year-on-year - currently many are prohibited from keeping pets because of clauses in their tenancy agreements.

The benefits of pet ownership should not be exclusive to homeowners. Those who rent should be equally as entitled to keep a pet as those who own.

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According to the Dog's Trust, the single biggest reason for dogs being handed in to rehoming centres is because of a change of circumstances, such as being unable to live in a rented property with a pet. These clauses also stop large numbers of people coming forward to rehome pets; effectively prohibited from doing so by being a tenant. This means both tenants and pets suffer.

In January 2021, the UK Government introduced a new Model Tenancy Agreement which prohibited landlords from issuing blanket 'no pet' bans. Consent for pets is now the default position. In Wales, there is no such reference and therefore Welsh tenants are less likely to be able to keep a pet than their UK counterparts.

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