Rejected petition Remove 10 day isolation for uk citizens, non vaccinated returning to the uk. Illegal segregation

Prevent segregation between vaccinated and non vaccinated.
It is your personal choice to be vaccinated or not.
They banned segregation between black and white people, so why do they want vaccinated and un vaccinated separated?
It's your body and you and only you decide what goes into it.

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The uk government has decided that vaccinated can roam the earth freely, yet are still able to catch and carry covid 19.
But punish those not vaccinated, people who have personal reasons for not taking the vaccine, have an allergy or currently have antibodies.
Over 2 years of lockdowns and government getting things wrong, and enjoying the power of fear and control.
Enough is enough!

Why was this petition rejected?

It asks the Senedd to do something that it is not able to do.

This petition asks the UK Parliament to take action.

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