Petition Like in Scotland, have the home survey be the responsibility of the seller, not the buyer.

Recently I’ve lost hundreds of pounds on a building survey (and solicitor fees) to then have the seller pull out of the sale.
Unless you’ve exchanged, there’s no protection for home buyers who have invested time, money and hopes in buying houses.
Whereas the seller can pull out of the sale at any time with no penalty.
So many people are confused and frustrated by this system and can’t understand why each buyer needs a new home survey whereas in Scotland the survey stays with the house.

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We are told a survey is so important as it will discover any problems and give you an idea of how costly it will be to fix.

We are then to return to the seller with these estimates to try to renegotiate the price or ask the seller to fix the issues before you complete the sale.

In our situation the seller refused to budge in price thinking the estate agents valuation is the price end of.

It’s an incredibly frustrating and expensive process and I hope this small change can help many people realise the realistic cost of their house and what work is needed while also saving the buyer some stress and money.

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