Petition Introduce parenting lessons and basic life skills for High School pupils.

Mounting pressures due to the pandemic have led to an increase in child abuse cases. In 2020/21, there were over 24.8 thousand child abuse offences recorded by the police in England and Wales, an increase of 2.9 thousand offences when compared with the previous reporting year.
One way to support future generations to become parents would be through a curriculum which provides lessons on parent responsibilities, looking after a home, money management, basic first aid, physical and mental health and preparing nutritious meals on a budget.

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The government need to help break the cycle of child abuse. Improved communication and multi-agency working for health, social and children's services and a huge drive for promoting intervention and prevention programmes. One system used by all multi-agency workers so information can be shared effectively. Compulsory well-being checks for young children including dental and dietary.

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