Petition Introduce the mandatory microchipping of cats in Wales

Microchipping is part of responsible pet ownership and has countless benefits for both cat and owner. If a persons cat becomes lost, stolen or gets injured, a microchip is the best chance for reunification. Microchips are not just beneficial for the cat and owners who love them, but also eases strain on the organisations who have to handle and treat unidentifiable cats.
Cats Protection estimates more than a fifth of cats are not microchipped in Wales, regardless of relentless campaigning.

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We were involved in the UK Bill which ultimately led to the upcoming 2022 England regulations, and continue to work with DEFRA on this as stakeholders yet, due to animal welfare being a devolved issue, unfortunately this will not apply to Wales. The UK Government have now published their response and results of the public consultations, and we would like to see this extended to Wales to help benefit the cats and owners.
Also, a previous successful Senedd petition (P-05-779) of ours saw Wales become the first all scanning nation in the world as all Welsh local authorities opted to scan cats collected. However, this was voluntary action which, since 2017, has since slipped in some areas. We would appreciate the issue of scanning to be re-looked at my the committee.

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