Rejected petition Table a Vote of No Confidence in First Minister Mark Drakefords Covid Rules

Mark Drakeford's insistence that businesses in Wales (particularly hospitality) will have further restrictions imposed remain illogical in the face of a vaccinated population - We need to get on with Life and live with any 'Variants' which are a natural consequence of any virus. The Welsh people have had enough. Being asked to remain at home again and have restrictions imposed, will destroy the economy, and significantly harm the health and well-being of the Welsh people further.

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We have already decimated the NHS waiting lists for those requiring elective surgeries. The negligible benefits of lockdown are not being weighed against the ongoing health risks to the Welsh people. Families are suffering with no support, the lack of social contact is causing huge levels of stress and anxiety, health appointments and consultations are being missed, and all while many people continue to suffer following the restrictions of 2020. Wales had some of the most restrictive lockdown measures in place last year, while the Covid-19 statistics show that the disease was well and truly on the wane. The Welsh people are more than capable of supporting themselves, they just need a functioning economy. Until we know the true impact of the variant (current data from South Africa where the variant originated leans toward minimal health impacts) then we should not be considering lockdowns and further restrictions as precautionary measures.

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