Rejected petition Call-In: Application 21/01359/MJR, Land at the former recycling centre Waungron Road, Llandaff.

It is widely felt the Pre-Application Consultation did not reach all stakeholders and the wider community and has discriminated against many in the community. The development will negatively impact on the road network. The housing is an unsuitable location for vulnerable tenants. The development will have a detrimental negative impact on the amenity of local residents. The increase in NOx2 & particulates, will exacerbate the pollution in the AQMA.

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The application transport report was narrow, as was the outdated accident collision report. The plans did not show the wider detailed plans for bus lanes, Rapid Bus Corridor’s cycling and pedestrians and how they will serve and interface with the interchange. No consultation was undertaken with local doctor’s surgeries.
This location is heavily congested, St Fagans Road and Fairwater Grove West already suffer from heavy traffic, as does Western Ave.
No provision for improvement of wheelchair access to the station platform and the failure to design in this element, discriminates against disabled groups.
Cantonian High School is expanding, Woodlands and Riverbank schools will also be re-located close to the site, which will impact the Bus Hub and schools which was not considered. This will add pressure on traffic to this location.
There are concerns that there will also be a squeeze on parking in the nearby streets, where there’s already high demand. It’s an overdevelopment of the site

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

Decisions about whether to approve or reject planning applications are made by local authorities.

This includes considering whether applications meet the requirements set out in national planning policies.

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