Petition Revert the new 'Work From Home' regulations as they are completely unworkable!

The Welsh Government has now introduced a new 'regulation' that will fine individuals for going into work if they cannot work from home! They have not provided ANY official list of reason that are exempt and therefore cannot enforce a rule that is unenforceable! There are going to be factors such as mental health, physical health, internet abilities, number of people in one property working, the list goes on! I am calling for this draconian and down right offensive rule to be removed immediately!

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There are plenty of reason a worker would not find it reasonable to work from home even if it physically possible to do so. This includes their mental health, we have already been doing this for almost 2 years. Another is not having the correct setup at home to do this without affecting posture. This will lead to other conditions such as back and neck pain, RSI from not sitting at a proper desk. There is also the issue around broadband capabilities. Yes, many people have fibre broadband but if there are 3-4 working at home on a 40-50mbps link that will seriously hamper all of them. Then you have the space issue along with this. Many people are currently working on their laps in living rooms or in kitchens and not at a dedicated workspace. This will no longer be tolerated! I am calling for Mark Drakeford to start being a leader of the people as per the Labour Mantra of 'For the many not the few'! Lastly, people don't have the money for this as it is! So where is it going to come from?

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