Petition Drop the limit on outdoor gatherings and allow community events to continue

The Welsh Government is again imposing a strict limit of 50 people who can gather for an event outdoors, from Boxing Day. This immediately rules out several community events such as seasonal gatherings and 5k parkruns, which are so crucial to the mental and physical health of the nation in these hard times.

Banning these events is cruel, disproportionate and against all known evidence about Covid transmission outdoors and we ask that the Welsh Government reverses this decision immediately.

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Many of these events are already subject to stringent risk assessment whose implementation minimises Covid risk to an acceptable level where participants can choose freely to decide what is in their best interest. See ‘parkrun Covid framework’ for an example.

The WG have produced no evidence to counter that these frameworks are insufficient for the protection of the public and we find it deeply irresponsible to simply close out community sport on a “just in case basis” given the obvious balance of health risks in favour of their continued running.

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