Petition A new faster route from North to South Wales; either by road, rail or flight.

Wales is a beautiful country and we don't want to spoil the landscape, but we do need a faster route to link up our country, its towns, and cities.
We need a faster route for the economy, tourism, and logistical reasons in general.

I would like you to join me in petitioning the Welsh Government to seriously look into connecting Wales by road rail or sky, to ensure safe, green travel through our country.

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An internet search tells you it's 4 hours 23mins to drive from Swansea to Llandudno, or 6 hours by train.
You might want to take a faster route of 4.32 if you go via Craven Arms, or 4.18 along the A483 via Welshpool.

To drive to London from Swansea it's 3 hours 43mins, or 3 hours 18mins on the train.

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