Completed petition Reinstate cervical screening to every 3 years

The announcement from Public Health Wales on January 4th 2022 stating the change from 3 to 5 year intervals for cervical screening is unacceptable. There has been no public consultation and upon release has been met with anger, sadness and serious concern for the cervical health of Welsh women.
We appreciate the NHS in Wales is under pressure but this is NOT ACCEPTABLE. We the Welsh nation will not stand for this and urge you to reverse this decision immediately.

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This move will not save money, it will lead to later detection of cancers and therefore more aggressive, lengthy and costly treatment and ultimately lives.
HPV is not the only cause of cervical cancer!

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This topic was debated on 19 January 2022

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The petition was debated by the Senedd in Plenary on 19 January 2022