Rejected petition I want the Welsh Government to lift the archaic restrictions they have put in place WITHOUT any evidence.

The Welsh Government have now taken their emergency powers too far and introduced restrictions in Wales that are now having a much more devastating effect on people’s lives and businesses trade. They have not provided a single piece of evidence to support their unwarranted and ill-founded decision to keep us in an effective lockdown when England are free to carry on! This is not acceptable. Either show us the scientific evidence to support these restrictions or lift them immediately!

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Omicron has been proven milder that the delta variant and is now the dominant strain of covid-19 in the UK not just Wales. As it is milder, suggestion that it is still putting strain on the NHS in Wales is wrong and the First Minister knows this. He is completely out of touch with the people of Wales, and it is now the people of Wales that are now paying the price for his incompetence! I supported him throughout this pandemic when the facts and numbers supported what he was doing, they now don’t, and he needs to realise this. The WRU are looking to move home games to England and Eluned Morgan has said that there would be no financial support if that was the case. Omicron is the variant this country needs to get to endemic status and Mark Drakeford is refusing to admit he is wrong. The restrictions need to be lifted now!

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