Petition Make the self-isolation support scheme available to everyone who is self-isolating

I have been diagnosed with covid 19 and was sent a text and code to see if I could receive help from the self-isolation support scheme.
After filling in the form, it was stated because I'm severely disabled and a student, who is classed as unemployed, and I'm not employed I would not be eligible.
I was not also able to claim the £20 extra a week because I also did not fit the government criteria.

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This is totally unfair, and it discriminates against people who are not currently working for whatever reason. It seems the Welsh Government believe that unemployed or disabled people do not incur additional costs because of covid and self isolation.
The unemployed, disabled, and vulnerable people have been discriminated against under the equality act 2010 and human rights act 1998 since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

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