Petition Allow unvaccinated people to work after contact with a positive case, if LFT results are negative.

As it stands fully vaccinated people (two doses or one where required) are able to continue working after coming into contact with a positive case, if they can provide daily negative LFT results.

Bearing in mind that being fully vaccinated doesn't stop transmission, it is wholly unfair that people who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated are not allowed to attend work even if they test negative daily.

We were told there would be no discrimination but here it is, plain as day.

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The Covid Pass System was implemented to allow people their freedom in pursuit of leisure. It does not discriminate as you can obtain a pass by being fully vaccinated or by showing a negative LFT result.

The same approach could be adopted in relation to attending work.

If you test negative, then you are negative and that is that. Testing daily up until the positive case can return to work is a small price to pay for being able to continue life as normal and not be penalised.

Again, as its stands, the unvaccinated in this situation ARE being discriminated against and that is something we were told would not be happening.

To make things worse, the positive case can return to work after 7 days but the healthy unvaccinated isolators must stay away for 10!

If you don't have the virus you cannot spread it and it's as simple as that. No more discrimination, no more punishment.

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