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A majority of people are led to believe that the protection of their native language is supported by their government. However, in Wales there is no piece of legislation that truly protects the Welsh language. Whilst the presence of the Welsh Language Act may be seen as a form of conservation, the act itself does not even scrape the surface of language protection. This must be strengthened to ensure every aspect of Welsh language and culture is protected for future generations.

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Upon further scrutiny, it was stated by Aled Roberts, the Welsh Language Commissioner, that there is "no law to protect the names of the cities, towns and villages of Wales".

If the names of our towns and villages are not protected by legislation, it leaves one to ponder - what other aspect of the Welsh language is not protected?

For now, it may simply be the protection of your town, your city, or your village but tomorrow it could be the main component in the permanent preservation of our language, as a nation. With many foreseeable benefits arising from the possible creation of such an act, it would not harm any individual for the legislation to be passed.

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