Petition Ensure that every primary school in the country can offer afterschool provision

Afterschool club provision is a vital service for working families. Daycare settings generally cost more than double the price of afterschool provision in a school setting. This has significant financial implications for families with young children resulting in difficult choices having to be made about whether it's worthwhile working. Unfortunately, afterschool care in not available at all primary schools.

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With afterschool clubs across the country closing due to lack of funding and changes to qualification requirements, families struggle to find reasonable alternatives when it comes to going to work and having their children cared for.

My belief is that working parents should not have to make a choice between working and being at the school gates for 3pm.The Welsh Government and local authorities must step up and guarantee that afterschool provision in schools is a service that every school offers and every family can access.

Afterschool provision has supported families in work for many years. This should be the responsibility of Welsh Government not individual schools.

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