Petition Hold an enquiry into the corporate takeover of the veterinary profession in Wales.

In 1999 legislation was changed by the UK Government which allowed veterinary practices to be owned not just by qualified veterinary surgeons. This paved the way for private equity stakeholder corporates to buy into this market. These profit driven organisations have changed the profession so that it is barely recognisable .In many parts of Wales, it is virtually impossible to find an independently run veterinary practice. The corporate buyout now extends to out of hours provision, referral practices as well as general practice. The corporates also own laboratories, drug companies, pet crematorium as well as shares in many pets’ food companies. Such a monopoly makes the few remaining independently run practices presence virtually untenable. From vet school to recruitment through to practice the corporates have the advantage. Set in this context their influence on bodies such as the RCVS and BVA is predicable.

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For those of us with companion animals this monopoly has had devastating consequences. From lack of choice in finding an independent practice, seeing the same Veterinary Surgeon for continuity of care through to cost. But most of all clinical decisions being made with the policies of the corporate's taking centre stage.
My experience with My Cat Rosa sadly means I will always mistrust some within the profession. Companion animals are part of people’s families. Covid, the isolation and mental health issues have made these relationships even more precious.
I dread to think (but have been informed) how the animal rescue sector in Wales copes. Because they must deal with some of the most abused and clinically challenged animals who have significant and often complex medical needs.
Despite numerous petitions to the UK Government, Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs etc have failed to take any action whatsoever. Cymru has led the way before on animals and their welfare, so we ask our Senedd to do so again.

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