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Our little boy is 6 years old, and he’s been on the dreaded NHS ADHD assessment waiting list for over 14 months, with an estimated further 3-4 years wait!! How is this acceptable?
The average wait is supposed to be 18 weeks, of which is still too long! We watch our little boy struggle on a daily basis, with each day getting tougher and tougher. He cannot control how he is feeling, and we have arguments, lashing out, throwing, hitting, kicking, screaming, slamming the doors, the list goes on. Why should he have to suffer, bringing him to tears as well as us.

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Along with his school we put his referral in days after he turned 5 years old. The advice is that early diagnosis is key, so why should he be waiting near on 5 years until he’ll be 10 years old and almost in high school. It cannot be right that he will have to suffer for so much of his young life because of a ‘waiting list’.
Surely, it’s a basic human right to get the help and support he needs but it just seems lacking and it’s heart-breaking.

We don’t want any other family to suffer like we have and continue to do so, being put on that dreaded list. This has got to change, now!

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