Petition Enable Welsh residents to access an NHS "Right to Choose" diagnosis pathway for ADHD

Unlike England, there is currently no "Right to Choose" in Wales to enable individuals to select the hospital or service they would like to have their NHS treatment. The Right to Choose within mental health services in England has been in place since 2018 allowing adults seeking an assessment for ADHD the opportunity to choose an alternative provider should they decide the waiting time for their NHS assessment is too long. Welsh residents are being discriminated against for being in Wales.

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NHS waiting lists for ADHD can be long. More adults than ever before are seeking an assessment for a condition that is often overlooked by clinical professionals as "something that is not diagnosed in adulthood". In addition, individuals seeking an ADHD assessment often come up against GP's who lack a modern day understanding of the different ways adult ADHD can present in females compared to males. Consequently, ADHD is frequently misdiagnosed as another mental health condition such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety or Depression. Adults with undiagnosed ADHD are at a higher risk of losing their job, relationship breakdown, engaging in risky behaviours such as speeding & substance misuse.

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