Petition Make Welsh public sector organisations report scope 3 emissions and include them in net zero targets

Include all emissions associated with public sector investments in Welsh government decarbonisation targets and make reporting investment emissions (scope 3) mandatory for all Welsh public sector organisations.
Local authorities are aiming for net zero by 2030 while investing in companies that plan to extract fossil fuels for decades.
Welsh public sector organisations are not currently required to report on emissions associated with investments! This is a loophole that needs closing

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A brief explanation of scope 3.
Scope 1 – direct emissions from sources owned or controlled by a public sector organisation.
Scope 2 – indirect emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heat, and cooling.
Scope 3 – all other emissions associated with an organisation's activities. Including investments in fossil fuel companies.

Including some scope 3 emissions within the operational boundary but excluding investments is inconsistent with achieving true net zero by 2030 and undermines the Government's decarbonisation efforts. See page 14, table 3 here.

By including pensions and investments in government targets the public sector will have the flexibility to decide for themselves what to do about these indirect scope 3 emissions without simply ignoring them.

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