Completed petition Save A&E. Withybush General Hospital must retain 24 hour, 7 days a week, Consultant Led urgent care

Moving care out of county puts adults & children at risk of poor outcomes or even death. It wastes crucial time, when time is not on our side.
-We have 125,000 residents & millions of tourists. By implementing the downgrades, HDUHB, will be knowingly putting their lives at risk. We re-iterate, we are a rural, widespread county, with poor roads and public transport network. Refinery, gas plant, ferry ports, firing range, extreme sports, plus one of the most dangerous professions: farming.

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HDUHB may infer that the “Golden Hour” is no longer relevant, with better equipped ambulances & higher trained staff, but that is dependent on an ambulance being available to help & give that immediate care. That is increasingly not the case, as ambulances fail to attend, as they are being sent out of county, unable to offload and unable to return to county, to give the help needed.
-It is an awful feeling to know that if our relatives or our children have a life threatening asthma attack, epileptic episode, or other time critical issue, within the new plans, they are unlikely to get to help & survive.
-HDUHB have said they will make no guarantee that Urgent Care would remain in Withybush General Hospital until (and if), a new build is up and running!!! That is unacceptable.
-HDUHB should commit to rigorous recruitment policies, to keep WGH Urgent Care fully staffed.
-We have lost faith & trust in HDUHB and do not believe that they are working in the best interests of Pembrokeshire.

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This topic was debated on 29 June 2022

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