Rejected petition To be able to opt in/out to receive any form of communication in either English or Welsh, not both

I recently received an official letter in the post which was comprised of 4 pages in English and 4 pages in Welsh. A friend received a shielding letter 14 pages in English and 14 in Welsh. I could state many more examples. I wrote to Julie James the Minister for Climate Change, she had returned from COP 26, believing the waste of natural resources plus also the massive cost to businesses by having to produce everything in duplicate would engender a positive response.

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I was passed to a Senior Officer in the Welsh Government. The response was to quote reams from The Welsh Language Commissioner. All this is being paid for by the tax payer at a time when massive cuts are being made to services across the board. Every time I see or hear the words 'The Welsh Government has given money for __________, please fill in the blank, I remind myself this is my and your tax money they are spending.
I received no response regarding my concern about Climate Change.

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