Rejected petition Remove the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification from all secondary and higher education schools.

The Welsh Bacc is known to cause so much stress and anxiety in thousands of welsh students and I know this myself as I am a Higher Education student. Over the past two years students have had to undergo numerous counts of inequality and added stress and the Welsh Bacc adds on to that unnecessarily and even alongside exams the welsh bacc restricts revision time or possible breaks, it restricts students from being able to have time for a social life and has detrimental effects on their wellbeing.

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The Welsh Baccalaureate is a pointless qualification that serves no real purpose to a student's future when students could be taught practical and essential skills for independent living. The removal of Welsh Baccalaureate could also help improve grades as it would allow students to focus on real GCSE's and A Levels and will relieve students of added pressure. In 2017 it was estimated of a total of 97 deaths due to suicide (ONS) caused by the pressure of the Higher education requirements and schools and colleges continue to make the Welsh Bacc compulsory to qualify for additional funding off the Senedd and it is for this reason it MUST be discontinued, for the sake of our future.

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