Closed petition Don't let the plan run out for dying people in Wales

Every year, thousands of people die in Wales having missed out on palliative and end of life care.

The end of life care plan for Wales was working towards fixing this, but in March it’ll come to an end. Right now, there’s no new plan ready to take its place.

We urgently need a timeline, funding and staff to deliver a new plan.

Don’t let the plan run out with no replacement. Please sign today and help us make sure families in Wales aren’t left in the lurch.

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We are grateful for Welsh Government’s prioritisation of palliative and end of life care (EOLC) in the Programme for Government 2021-2026, but more must be done to ensure we see appropriate action.

The clinical governance structures of health and social care systems in Wales will soon be undergoing reorganisation. In March 2021, Welsh Government launched proposals for a new clinical framework and a new NHS Wales Executive; the clinical framework includes plans to develop a dedicated EOLC Programme and an EOLC Quality Statement. These new arrangements are set to replace the current End of Life Care Delivery Plan, which comes to an end 31 March 2022.

An EOLC Programme is welcome news, but poorly resourced infrastructure and limited programme personnel, combined with the pandemic, has impacted the ability to deliver the new programme at pace. With the end of March fast approaching and no EOLC Programme in sight, Wales looks to be without an EOLC plan for the first time in a decade.

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